Apr 25, 2014

Two New Add Ons at A Bird in Hand Designs

Y'all.  I am so excited to bring two new extras to A Bird in Hand Designs.

#1 Custom Fonts on Blogger
See that cute font for my date and sidebar?  That's not a Google font.  You'll notice that if you read my blog on an iPad or iPhone, it shows up there too.  Pretty sweet.

#2 See that snazzy Facebook tab on the right side of my blog?  Go hover over it and then come right back.
It's the perfect way to direct readers to your Facebook page if you don't want the Facebook pop up.  There are two camps of blog readers-the"I love the Facebook pop up", and the "I am violently opposed to the Facebook pop up".  You're safe with this one.  I'll make and install a tab that coordinates with your design.

So, if you have a design from ABIHD and would like to add one or both of these new features, send me an email at meganfavre@gmail.com.  I'll get you set up right away!


  1. Wonderful! I would love to add both to my design package! Sending you an email just in case you don't see this!

    Emerald :-)

  2. LOVE! I would love that Facebook Tab!

    Teaching With Moxie