Mar 27, 2013

So Much Happening and Something Brand New!

Lots of good things going on around here.  I'm looking forward to summer because I'll have time to take on more custom designs.  I love love love designing blogs.  I have always had a creative streak.  Unfortunately, I have no pencil and paper talent.  Thank goodness for computer creativeness!

Lots of custom designs:

And Pick Your Palette Designs:

And Pre Made Designs:

And a whole new thing called Build Your Blog.  I've been thinking about my pre made designs lately.  They're a much more affordable options, but obviously they're not personalized.  I've created Build Your Blog to give bloggers a more personalized, affordable option.  For $25, you get a header, background, signature, button, template, and installation if you want it.

How it works:
Once you purchase this option, I'll send you a file.  You'll be able to choose your colors, header and background patterns, font, and some extra jazz like flowers, a bird, etc.  You can always add on social media buttons, TPT banners, matching papers, etc.  There's a very short wait time-a day or two at the most.

Visit these ladies to see the first Build Your Blog designs!