Sep 8, 2012

School has started, and I'm loving my new third grade friends!  I'm still working on designs though because I love the creative side of the blogging world.

Sara from Miss V's Busy Bees looooves fall, and it was the inspiration for her blog design.  Look how beautiful it turned out!

Katie over at I Want to Be a Super Teacher started off with a cute Melonheadz Illustration from Nikki, and we built her design from there.  I think the finished design is SUPER.

Susan at Learning is a Hoot snagged one of the basic designs.  The header was a little plain with out a tagline, so I jazzed it up.  It turned out so bright and cheerful.  I love these colors together, and whoo doesn't love owls?


  1. They all look great! I'm your newest follower!!
    Owl Things First!

  2. Awesome job on all the designs! I am definitely in need a bloggy makeover! I have a very very very basic blogger layout and have entered to win through Miss V's Busy Bees and am hoping to win!!

    1. Crossing my fingers that you will win!