Aug 4, 2013

Modern and Fresh

There's a new blog design in town.  I've added another Build Your Blog style: Modern & Fresh.  It's actually four styles in one Build Your Blog.  Sssssh.  Don't tell anyone, but I think I love Build Your Blogs the best.  I love that teachers can get a custom type blog for a pretty good price.  Probably not very good business wise, but it makes me feel good.  Guess that's why I teach elementary school instead of running a bank.

You can choose Boxed and Patterned.

Clean Clipart

The clipart is not included in this style.  You find the clipart you want and add it to the cost of the design.  Here are some I'm loving:

Basically Beautiful

There are about 12 different styles/elements to choose from with this layout.

Bold and Labeled 

This design has 5 different label styles to choose from.

I did an all call for some guinea pigs a few days ago and have finished up the first two designs.  MissKinBk chose the Boxed and Patterned design.

So are you interested in a Modern&Fresh Build Your Blog design?  Send me an e-mail at


  1. This is looking actually fresh. Really good.

  2. Interested in a teaching blog design for a blogger blog. Do you have anything and what do you charge??

  3. Your blog post has been very useful for me. I have basic knowledge about blogs and I can say your information is very helpful for people like me.

  4. I am interested in having you help design my blog. You can email me at or contact me through my blog. Thanks!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  5. Those designs are amazing! They are definitely modern and fresh. Every color template is attractive and are not hurtful in the eyes. Those cliparts are also cute!

    Harvard Barnett